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Adrian Hummell

Adrian Hummell

Adrian started his practice December 2010, like many others he started off a little skeptical about the practice. At first he was coming inconstantly, often less than once a week. After a several sessions, the yoga started to make sense. Within the next few months he quit his job as a waiter to work at the Fairfax Studio, started practicing daily, and began competing! After his first competition, he realized how much the yoga improved his mind & body, and he was in for life!

At this point Adrian set out to share the benefits of yoga by becoming a Certified Instructor. With the help of the Fairfax Yoga Community he was able to attend the Fall 2012 Teacher Training. Adrian is the 3-Time Men’s Yoga Asana Champion for Virginia, winning in 2013, 2014, and 2015.

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