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Irene Kaznachey

Irene Kaznachey

Irene fell in love with hot yoga in 2004 after she took her first Bikram Yoga class. It was a great refuge from her stressful daily job as an IT professional.  She was taken by Bikram style yoga’s physicality, structure, and mindfulness. It also helped that it was done in a hot room as she really enjoys being in the warm environment. Both her body and mind felt great after the class.
In 2016, 12 years later, Irene realized that she would like hot yoga to be key part of her life. She attended Pure Om Teacher Training in Puerto Morelos, Mexico, where she learned different aspects of yoga (physical, philosophical, anatomical and business). She holds a 200-hour RYT Certification.
As a teacher, Irene would like to pass yoga’s strict and loving discipline to her students to allow them to grow their practice physically and spiritually, release daily stress and to experience the connection between mind and body.

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