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Alba Nagurney

Alba Nagurney

Alba’s path to yoga began as she was looking for alternative healing methods for severe spinal injuries. She took yoga classes and found that her spinal injuries were healing. Alba knew firsthand the benefits of yoga and wanted to begin a journey to help others strive for their positive inner and outer health.

With a Master’s degree in Public Health from Hebrew University and completion of one year of psychiatry and psychosomatic disorders externship at MedStar Washington Hospital on Irving Street, NW in Washington, DC, she knew she could contribute to the yoga discipline. Alba set out to integrate her medical and personal background into the benefits of yoga, building the union of body, mind and soul.  Alba is certified as Barre and Bikram Instructor, and she is pursuing additional yoga certifications.  Building this strong foundation allows Alba to approach her yoga teaching with inspiration and playfulness, leaving her students feeling refreshed, nourished and balanced within themselves.

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